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>> Monday, April 18, 2011

So with our new addition I decided that I didn't want to go broke buying disposable. I'm not a supper "green" person, but I try to do as much as I can to limit my footprint within reason.

Since my other two boys have a polyester allergy and most of the mainstream new cloth diapers are made with some sort of polyester I had a time of it trying to find things with 100% cotton that were reasonably priced. What I'm using right now are Gdiapers (with a homemade insert), Grovia with the 100% cotton snap-in inserts, Bummis organic cotton prefolds with a Thursties cover. My favorite one so far is the Grovia, it seems to be the least irritating on his sensitive little skin.

So here are the inserts that I made for the Gdiapers, they are made with two outer layers of flannel and two inner layers of microfiber.

I'm going to have to experiment with these because they seam to be causing him some irritation. I'm going to try doing an all cotton, and then fleece inner layers with the cotton outer. After I test them out I will be making them available for testing.

When I was researching all the cloth diaper stuff I was wondering what I could use for the covers since the majority of them are made with PUL or fleece, which are both polyester. I found some tutorials on wool covers using sweaters, so I gave it a try. For this one I had a sweater that I haven't worn in about 10 years that survived the many trips to Goodwill. I also picked up some really cheap sweaters at Goodwill. I still haven't lanolized them (which makes them waterproof) to try them out. The small one (not pictured here) I messed up and it's waiting for me to redo it. I'll have to get back to you on how they worked.

In the spirit of saving money and using what I have I made some pack n' play sheets out of an old queen sized sheet we no longer used. I was able to make two sheets out of it and had some left over.

Here are the links to the tutorials I used for these products.
Gdiaper inserts
Wool covers
Fitted pack n' play sheet

I only put elastic on the corners of my sheet. I did an 8" piece of elastic and stretched it out 8" on either side of the seam.


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