New Item - Microfiber

>> Sunday, May 30, 2010

I've been helping a friend make her Swiffer Pads because her full time job has been preventing her from doing as much sewing as she would like. I realized when I was cutting them out that most of the scraps would fit my Starfiber mop that I had lost the pads to years ago.

I've been using some cotton rags that just aren't the same as the microfiber because they are so hard to push around the floor. I whipped up some for me to see how they worked and I LOVE them! I actually like them more than the ones that came with the mop. I had looked at buying replacement pads a while ago, but they were TOO expensive.

Right now I have 2 colors and will be adding more soon. Don't forget that I offer free US shipping on all my products.


The Winner is...

>> Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jodie (picked by

Thank you everyone for commenting and following me on Facebook, Twitter, and this blog.

Please send me an e-mail stitchesincotton[at]gmail[dot]com to claim your prize.



>> Saturday, May 22, 2010

I just wanted to let y'all know that I've put my shop on vacation mode. I'm taking a stay-cation and will be away from the computer a lot. The B1 Get 1 35% has been postponed until I return to the virtual world.

I apologize for postponing it. I will still do the drawing for the giveaway on the 27th so please let everyone know about it.

Have a great week!


Celebrating 350+ Fans on Facbook

>> Thursday, May 20, 2010

First I just want to thank my fans who have been fans from the start. I have been successful because of you and your support. Many of my products have come from the ideas of friends and family.

Last night when I looked at my Fan Page I was just 2 shy of my goal of 350 fans. I updated my status to say as much and had to go do a few things. I returned 30 minutes later to find 15 more fans joined my page. I was blown away!

So to celebrate I have the give away that I promised and a little something extra I'll tell you about at the end.

What You Will Win

A pair of Leg Warmers

Here's how you can enter to win.

Earn 1 Entry

1. Subscribe the the RSS Feed: click the link at the top right and let me know you have done so in the comments section. You can also become a follower. If you already subscribe or are a follower just let me know in the comment section!

2. Leave a comment with your favorite product from my shop!

3. Follow or Fan me on Twitter or Facebook and then let me know you have done so in the comments area. If you are already a follower or fan, just let me know.

4. Share This: on Twitter or Facebook, there is a link on the right. Include the link/username and let me know in the comments area.

Earn 2 extra entries

Blog about it and leave a link to the post in the comment section.

Please leave a way to contact you with your comments. Thanks!

Contest ends Thursday May 27th!

Now for the BONUS

Since there can only be one winner I want to share my happiness with everyone. Now until May 27th I will be running a sale.

Buy 1 get 1 35% off. Anything in the shop including custom orders. Include B135OFF in the message to seller and wait for an adjusted invoice.

Good luck and happy shopping!


Wonderful Wednesday

>> Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today's feature is a little late. Monday and Tuesday were CRAZY around here. I was dealing with a 5 year old and his reaction to soy ingestion.

I really like this little shop. I'm a Coke addict (yes the drink). I could go really broke if I spent too much time shopping around some of my favorite shops.

Anyway here is KatieAnn Creations

Coca Cola Necklace

How Long have you Been Creating?

I have been making things since I was a little girl playing with macaroni noodles. Over the years I have done everything from painting to soap making and am really into using anything recycled. My favorite craft that I have discovered is making jewelry from recycled cans and used gift cards. I am a soda addict and everyone who is around me knows it! So, this craft is perfect for me.

My funniest experience with this craft is asking people for their cans. People look at me strangely sometimes but I explain to them what I do with the cans and they at least pretend to be okay with it :) I have to ask my rowdy male neighbors for their beer cans since I myself don't drink and they think it is awesome!

Dr. Pepper Can Puzzle

Tell me about your cause and why you donate.

My Mother-in-law lives in Haiti with her four children where she runs an orphanage. Their houses are destroyed and they are forced to live on the streets. One of the babies is dying of severe burns and a broken arm. The relief funds are only being sent to the main city and it is hard for others in more rural areas to receive help. So, we are taking action. We are pooling funds together to try to get my partner's siblings out of Haiti and here to stay with us in San Diego as well as donate to the orphanage. 100% of my sales will go toward them until further notice. Thank you in advance.


That is so sad that her Mother-in-law has gone through this experience and even sadder that baby is suffering. My prayers are with your family and those she is caring for.

I have to say that I think she does a wonderful job of re-purposing cans. My favorite is the Dr. Pepper puzzle. I have a friend who collects Coke stuff and I know I'll be buying something for her soon.

I've also included her in this Treasury West I was able to snag last night.


How to add Etsy Mini to your Blog or Website

This took me a while to figure out and with the help of some friends walking me through the steps I was able to do it.
First you will need to go to "Your Etsy" page and scroll down to this section on the left tool bar. Click "Etsy Mini"

Decide what type of Etsy Mini you would like. I chose Items from my shop, Gallery, 2 columns, and 3 rows for this tutorial.

Scroll down after you make your choices and see how it looks. You can change them itmes that show up on Etsy Mini by rearranging your featured items in your shop.

Copy the appropriate HTML code, for Blogger and paste it into a HTML Blogger gadget. I honestly don't know how to add it to Myspace, any other social networking sties or a website. Please feel free to e-mail me stitchesincotton[at]gmail[dot]com with those instructions and I will be happy to add them and give you credit for sharing the info.

Happy creating!


Magnificent Monday

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

Last week was a bit rough on me so I wasn't able to get to my feature. It's amazing how some weeks you can find yourself wondering what you should do next because you just don't have much to do. Then other weeks you can't find the time to do what you need to do. I always have 9 million things to do, I just put some off for the more fun stuff. :)

Okay now on to our feature.

Blooming Vintage

How long have you been creating?

I've been making vintage style hair clips off and on since 2003, and seriously since 2008. Prior to that, I was making real flower hair accessories for dance performances and competitions.

How did you get start selling?

I had been asked by several people to make them some hair clips, and then by word of mouth, it started spreading.

Tell me a little about your charity and why you started donating to it.

Doctors Without Borders is a fantastic organization that goes in to various countries in need of assistance that would otherwise not be able to afford/have access to the medical treatment they so desperately need. I've been without medical insurance before, and know how scary it is to not be able to afford certain services (and those were non-life threatening!), and I can't imagine what the Haitians are going through now. Even though the earthquake happened a few months ago, the relief efforts continue.

Any advice for fellow Artisans?

Never give up on your dreams! You may have to keep your day job for now, but if it helps to pay for doing what you love, it is worth it. I only make things that I myself would wear, and I only sell things that I myself would buy. Having high standards of quality is a good thing, and keeps your customers happy.

Mine Green Anemone 1940's Vintage Flower clip


I love how in her description of the Mint Green Anemone it says: " Samples of all of our flower hair clips are tested on swing dancers (Lindy-hoppers to those of you in the know) for performance and durability."

She just sounds so fun. I love her clips so much that it pains me not to have a girl to buy it for. It's probably a good thing I don't have a girl because I wold go broke shopping on Etsy for a girl.

Her advice is great. If you don't love what you do it will show in your work. Selling on Etsy is very competitive and there are so many other people out there selling what you are selling that it can get discouraging. I try to stick close to the sellers that are kind and generous with their advice and will do what they can to help you be a better Artisan and seller, like Kennly from Blooming Vintage.


Kreativ Blogger Award

>> Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The wonderful Heather from The Pine Cone Tea Cup has given me the Kreativ Blogger award. If you haven't check her out you should. She is my #1 Fan, she helps me promote my shop, passes on status updates and is a very sweet online friend. She's not only my #1 Fan, I think she is everyone's #1 fan, she helps so many of her Facebook Page fans, AND she makes great and adorable things.

The rules of the award are that I have to list 7 things you probably don't know about me, and pass this on to 7 kreativ bloggers.

So here are my 7 things

1. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to tell you that I'm a saved, born again, KJV Bible believing Christian. Don't let this scare you off, I don't beat people with the Bible. I do accept that others believe differently than I do and that's what makes life interesting. I believe 100% that my acceptance of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross will lead me to Heaven for an eternity of joy.

Okay if that first thing didn't scare you off and make you exit this blog, we'll continue. LOL

2. I served in the Air Force for 4 years. I was stationed in Texas for basic training and Tech school, North Louisiana in Shreveport, then it was off to South Korea and finally to sunny Florida. While I enjoyed the experience the Air Force gave me, I decided that eventually I wanted a family and I knew I couldn't bear leaving my children if I were to be deployed. That didn't happen for a few more years, but I was happy with my choice when it did.

3. I am very unorganized in my personal life, but I can come and organize your home in a few short hours.

4. I cook a lot, but I hate cooking. My boys have food allergies that limit the amount of processed food to almost none. I've streamlined a lot of my cooking though and I cook in bulk and freeze. I'm open to helping anyone that find themselves in a similar situation.

5. I LOVE the beach. I miss being able to drive 20 minutes to the beach and feel the sand in between my toes and hear the waves crashing into the shore.

6. I CANNOT stand hearing people smack their food or grind their teeth.

7. I used to hand quilt before I had kids. It's too time consuming to do now, I love how quickly most of my items come together makes it worth the time I spend on them. I do have a quilt that I started 8 1/2 years ago as a baby quilt for my niece that just turned 8 yesterday. I should go pull it out so I can work on it a little. I'm pretty sure it's almost done.

Well I hope you enjoyed getting to know me more, and now for my 7 Kretiv Blogger picks.

1. Mama's Little Monkey's
2. Scrivener's Retreat
3. Trapped In Time
4. Lemon Jitters
5. Miss Malaprop
6. Embellished Bayou
7. Quibby's Bows

Ok so I'm choosing 8 because I have a friend I forgot, but don't want to bump anyone.
8. Erin Rachel Photography

Don't forget to grab the button and post it on your blog.


Magnificent Monday

>> Monday, May 3, 2010

Today I am featuring H & J Star Creations again.

Each month this artisan picks a different cause to support. This month H & J is donating 20% of her beach bags sales to skin cancer prevention. She has personally had a few bouts of skin cancer herself. You can find out more here.

My question this month is What is your favorite thing to create?

My favorite thing to create keeps on changing, but right now, I am loving making these little pouch sets. I can an buy a fat quarter set, and make a lot... more will be coming on my site soon.


This month her cause is near and dear to my heart. My Grandfather (who passed away last year) battled cancer 4 different times, two of which were two different types of skin cancer. Get informed and save yourself from getting skin cancer.