Magnificent Monday

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

Last week was a bit rough on me so I wasn't able to get to my feature. It's amazing how some weeks you can find yourself wondering what you should do next because you just don't have much to do. Then other weeks you can't find the time to do what you need to do. I always have 9 million things to do, I just put some off for the more fun stuff. :)

Okay now on to our feature.

Blooming Vintage

How long have you been creating?

I've been making vintage style hair clips off and on since 2003, and seriously since 2008. Prior to that, I was making real flower hair accessories for dance performances and competitions.

How did you get start selling?

I had been asked by several people to make them some hair clips, and then by word of mouth, it started spreading.

Tell me a little about your charity and why you started donating to it.

Doctors Without Borders is a fantastic organization that goes in to various countries in need of assistance that would otherwise not be able to afford/have access to the medical treatment they so desperately need. I've been without medical insurance before, and know how scary it is to not be able to afford certain services (and those were non-life threatening!), and I can't imagine what the Haitians are going through now. Even though the earthquake happened a few months ago, the relief efforts continue.

Any advice for fellow Artisans?

Never give up on your dreams! You may have to keep your day job for now, but if it helps to pay for doing what you love, it is worth it. I only make things that I myself would wear, and I only sell things that I myself would buy. Having high standards of quality is a good thing, and keeps your customers happy.

Mine Green Anemone 1940's Vintage Flower clip


I love how in her description of the Mint Green Anemone it says: " Samples of all of our flower hair clips are tested on swing dancers (Lindy-hoppers to those of you in the know) for performance and durability."

She just sounds so fun. I love her clips so much that it pains me not to have a girl to buy it for. It's probably a good thing I don't have a girl because I wold go broke shopping on Etsy for a girl.

Her advice is great. If you don't love what you do it will show in your work. Selling on Etsy is very competitive and there are so many other people out there selling what you are selling that it can get discouraging. I try to stick close to the sellers that are kind and generous with their advice and will do what they can to help you be a better Artisan and seller, like Kennly from Blooming Vintage.


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