New Item - Microfiber

>> Sunday, May 30, 2010

I've been helping a friend make her Swiffer Pads because her full time job has been preventing her from doing as much sewing as she would like. I realized when I was cutting them out that most of the scraps would fit my Starfiber mop that I had lost the pads to years ago.

I've been using some cotton rags that just aren't the same as the microfiber because they are so hard to push around the floor. I whipped up some for me to see how they worked and I LOVE them! I actually like them more than the ones that came with the mop. I had looked at buying replacement pads a while ago, but they were TOO expensive.

Right now I have 2 colors and will be adding more soon. Don't forget that I offer free US shipping on all my products.


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