How to add Etsy Mini to your Blog or Website

>> Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This took me a while to figure out and with the help of some friends walking me through the steps I was able to do it.
First you will need to go to "Your Etsy" page and scroll down to this section on the left tool bar. Click "Etsy Mini"

Decide what type of Etsy Mini you would like. I chose Items from my shop, Gallery, 2 columns, and 3 rows for this tutorial.

Scroll down after you make your choices and see how it looks. You can change them itmes that show up on Etsy Mini by rearranging your featured items in your shop.

Copy the appropriate HTML code, for Blogger and paste it into a HTML Blogger gadget. I honestly don't know how to add it to Myspace, any other social networking sties or a website. Please feel free to e-mail me stitchesincotton[at]gmail[dot]com with those instructions and I will be happy to add them and give you credit for sharing the info.

Happy creating!


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