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>> Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today's feature is a little late. Monday and Tuesday were CRAZY around here. I was dealing with a 5 year old and his reaction to soy ingestion.

I really like this little shop. I'm a Coke addict (yes the drink). I could go really broke if I spent too much time shopping around some of my favorite shops.

Anyway here is KatieAnn Creations

Coca Cola Necklace

How Long have you Been Creating?

I have been making things since I was a little girl playing with macaroni noodles. Over the years I have done everything from painting to soap making and am really into using anything recycled. My favorite craft that I have discovered is making jewelry from recycled cans and used gift cards. I am a soda addict and everyone who is around me knows it! So, this craft is perfect for me.

My funniest experience with this craft is asking people for their cans. People look at me strangely sometimes but I explain to them what I do with the cans and they at least pretend to be okay with it :) I have to ask my rowdy male neighbors for their beer cans since I myself don't drink and they think it is awesome!

Dr. Pepper Can Puzzle

Tell me about your cause and why you donate.

My Mother-in-law lives in Haiti with her four children where she runs an orphanage. Their houses are destroyed and they are forced to live on the streets. One of the babies is dying of severe burns and a broken arm. The relief funds are only being sent to the main city and it is hard for others in more rural areas to receive help. So, we are taking action. We are pooling funds together to try to get my partner's siblings out of Haiti and here to stay with us in San Diego as well as donate to the orphanage. 100% of my sales will go toward them until further notice. Thank you in advance.


That is so sad that her Mother-in-law has gone through this experience and even sadder that baby is suffering. My prayers are with your family and those she is caring for.

I have to say that I think she does a wonderful job of re-purposing cans. My favorite is the Dr. Pepper puzzle. I have a friend who collects Coke stuff and I know I'll be buying something for her soon.

I've also included her in this Treasury West I was able to snag last night.


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